Learn about the industries covered on the platform

The platform is a tool aimed towards brands and companies than given the nature of their business, continuously exchange information with the media. Here are some of the industries we work with and how we can help you improve the management of your press assets.



If you are part of the PR team of a museum, art gallery or cultural institution, you will be able to publish everything related to your new exhibitions, outstanding artists, special presentations; including high resolution photos, press releases and calendar and activities. If you are an independent artist, you can use our platform to increase your exposure in the media.

Some of our members who cover art: Milenio Diario, Reforma, El Universal, Excelsior, Algarabia, Letras Libres, Aion, ExpresArte, El Cultural, Alternativas, La Galera, ARS, Artepoli, Apollo, Art Market, The Artist, Art Hive, Art+, Art News, Gatopardo, Slug Mag.

Cinema's service is an excellent platform to share with the specialized entertainment media promotional materials of your film production such as: Premieres, red carpets, film festivals, film images, B-Rolls, posters, soundbites, interviews, trailers, behind the scenes, press releases and much more. Through you can easily concentrate an important part of your promotion and marketing efforts.

Some of our members who cover cinema: Cine Premiere, Empire Magazine, La Cosa Cine, Fotogramas, Sofilm, Acción, Cine Toma, Best Movie, Screen, Total Film, Film Stories, Movie Maker, Sensacine, Espinof, El Séptimo Arte, Cinemas Comics.


Our platform is an effective way to cover all kinds of sporting events, from a professional football match to a wrestling exhibition or an international golf competition. If you are responsible for handling the press for a brand related to the sports industry, both in the professional and amateur fields, Publifix should be a tool of daily use for you.

Some of our members who cover sports: Record, Estadio, Marca, AS, ESPN, Esto, Mundo Deportivo, Card & Drive, Sport, Diario Más, Futbol Total, Men ́s Health, Sportlán, La Afición, Cancha, El País Deportes,, TUDN, Golf Digest.


From music festivals to regional festivities, you can use to bring the media highlights of your event before, during and even after it happens. If you are part of the Marketing and Communication team of a festival and/or event, by using our platform you will be able to get more media coverage, resulting in a positive impact on your promotional strategy.

Some of our members who cover festivals: Revista DON, Mondo Sonoro, Urban MGZ, Doce Notas, Marvin, FestWorld, Ocimag, Elevation Outdoors, EDM World, The Festival Guide, Concert Music Festival, Tribu, Vis-á-Vis.


Through the marketing, PR and communication teams of restaurants, gastronomic academies, chefs and any other entity related to the food industry, will be able to share with the media the best pictures of their establishments, teasers in video format, coverage of awards, special events, reviews, anniversaries and openings.

Some of our members who cover gastronomy: Food & Wine, Dónde Ir, TimeOut México, Catering & Gastronomía, HotBook, Travesías, México Desconocido, Gourmet Magazine, Identidad Cervecera, elgourmet, Chilango, ELLE Gourmet, A la Carte, Gourmet Channel.


The ecosystem allows for a quick distribution of key marketing materials such as press releases, media kits, promotional videos, product photography, key visuals and other elements, widely used in the beauty products, fragrances, skin care, accessories, socialites and high end watch industry. As a user of our site, you will know at all times who and when has downloaded your files assets.

Some of our members who cover lifestyle: GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Life & Style, In Style, Gentleman, Revolution, The Resident, Cosmopolitan, Accent, MOI, Bumble Mag, Robb Report, Quién, Caras, HOLA, Rostros, OK!, Kena, Prestige, People, Cosas, Chic, Glamour, The Beauty Effect.


As a fashion industry representative, you know that having a media presence is key to your business. With you can instantly share all the news of your new collections, including campaign images, product photography, catwalks and presentations. Some of the most influential media in the industry use our platform to find new stories to share with their audiences.

Some of our members who cover fashion: Vogue, L ́Officiel, Glamour, In Style, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Hall, Marie Claire, Allure, Teen Vogue, GQ, Stylish, Look, Vanidades, W Magazine, Harper ́s Bazaar, Daily Trends, Vanity Fair, Porter, Wonderland UK.


Through, companies related to the music and entertainment industry will be able to share information about concerts, video clips, live performances, awards, red carpets, autograph signings and much more with the specialized media. Our system allows you to automatically send out material update alerts once you have uploaded new content.

Some of our members who cover music: Rolling Stone, PlayMusic, MTVLA, Vibe, JazzTimes, Billboard, Classic Pop, NME, Allure, People, Esquire, SKY View, Accent, OK!, Seventeen, Fresh, Fotogramas, Avianca, Ocio, Open.

Theater and shows

With you will be able to distribute to the media key materials such as: press releases, calendar of performances, high resolution photographs of your show or performance and interviews with artists. If you wish to maintain total control over your content, you can upload restricted material to the site to be accessed only by those media that you authorize.

Some of our members who cover shows: Fotogramas, Caras, People, Gente, Tv y Novelas, Show, EstiloDF, Dónde Ir, Actual, Lucky, Billboard, Ocio, Bravo, Milenio Diario, Reforma, El Universal, Excelsior, TÚ, SKY View, Vibe.


Share with the specialized technology media the highlights of your product or service and keep track of them with our "download report" feature, through which you will know exactly which press representative has downloaded your material. With you will be able to give a greater diffusion to your releases and product presentations.

Some of our members who cover about technology: Milenio Diario, Reforma, El Universal, Excelsior, Muy Interesante, Startup México, Expansión, Mundo Ejecutivo, Forbes, Wired, BizTech, Gadget, Plugin.


Our site will allow you to make everyone aware of all the details about your series, program or TV show, by distributing promotional materials such as: presentations, trailers, posters, behind the scenes, exclusive interviews and premieres. Also remember that allows you to upload to the site "protected material" to which only those media you authorize will have access.

Some of our members who cover topics about TV: Cine Premiere, Empire Magazine, La Cosa Cine, Fotogramas, Sofilm, Acción, Cine Toma, Best Movie, Screen, Total Film, Film Stories, Movie Maker, Sensacine, Espinof, El Séptimo Arte, Cinemas Comics.


If you represent a hotel or a touristic destination, our platform will allow you to reach the most popular travel media in the world. Share through the best photos of your destination, along with press releases in various languages, upload to the site teasers in video for social networks and take all the coverage of your participation in exhibitions in the travel sector.

Some of our members who cover topics about travel: Travesías, Travel & Leisure, Condenast Traveler, México Desconocido, Aire, Accent, “V” de Volaris, Revista Interjet, Buen Viaje, Destinos del Aire, Lonely Planet, Food & Travel, Vacations & Travel.