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Instant editorial resources 365 days a year

Using PUBLIFIX.NET journalists, editors and media representatives will be able to have instant access to the latest material on topics such as: fashion, tourism, entertainment, sports, gastronomy, lifestyle, music, technology, art, cinema and much more.

Key features for the media

  • Free download of high-resolution images, press kits, audio/video files.
  • Request access to exclusive material for your media.
  • Configure your account to track only those contents relevant to your audience.
  • Automatically receive material update alerts for accounts and brands you are most interested in.

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Materiales editoriales para medios de comunicación

Increase your media influence

Distribuye tus materiales de prensa

PUBLIFIX.NET is a powerful management tool for your press materials such as: high resolution images, newsletters, audio/video files and much more.

Key features for the brands

  • Instantly make all your press materials available to hundreds of media partners. You can upload high resolution images, audio/video files and press releases
  • Send one-click material update notifications.
  • Place "protected material" available only for those users you authorize to have access to it.
  • Check at any time what media, what files and when your publications have been downloaded.

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Editorial content on demand

No media assets? We got you covered

Publifix on Demand is the editorial production service of Publifix Network, the ideal complement to our press material distribution service Publifix.net

Our team is made up by editors, photographers, producers and curators of editorial content, with extensive experience in media, who can support you with Press photography, video, editorial journalism, live coverage and much more.

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An exclusive press room for your brand

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We build for your brand, a tailored press room with all the features required by your PR strategy

Under our licensing model you will be able to:

  • Configure the press room with the corporate image of your brand.
  • Upload high resolution images, press releases, video and/or audio files to the platform.
  • Send material update alerts to the media registered in the network.
  • Register media quickly and easily.
  • Monitor the performance of your content by generating download reports.

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