Careers opportunities

At Publifix Network we understand the human capital in the company that is our most important asset, so we seek to generate a relaxed, friendly and highly productive work environment.

Our team is made up of creative people with a wide professional profiles, who work collaboratively to achieve shared goals. To improve the experience of the Publifix Network team at work, is one of the main goals we have set as a company, we have established some essential values.

Balance is important

We believe that it is important to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life, which is why we have established 35-hour working days per week, with a flexible schedule of days and times.

We focus on the objectives

Our success as a company is based on accomplishing the objectives established by each area, but not by the hours spent at work. Our philosophy is to give a maximum effort in each day to reach those goals.

We believe in collaboration

Collaboration is the foundation in the growth of our business, therefore we maintain a strong interaction between each area of the company.

We want our team to thrive

We encourage each member of the team to find in the company an opportunity for career development and growth, so we make constant efforts to learn through workshops, conferences and courses.

Happier days

Not everything is about work, we also enrich our time with recreational activities with the aim of building a strong bond between the team members.

Job opportunities

We permanently find ourselves in search of the talent that brings us to our goals. Some of the key areas and jobs you can apply for are:

  • Analytics
  • Business Technology
  • Customer Success
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Finance / Accountability
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Product Management
  • Sales Coaching
  • Media Executive

In case you are interested on our open positions, please send us your CV to indicating:

  • Your name
  • Phone
  • City / Country of residence
  • LinkedIn profile (If applicable)
  • Tell us how you heard about

Internship programs
Begin your career at

Our internship programs encourage curiosity and creativity through collaboration with different team members. At you will be part of a diverse community, where you can acquire new skills that will enrich your professional profile.

We invite you to apply for an internship with us in 12, 16 or even 24 weeks, in a mentor program where you will be accompanied by a member of the company's team, so your contribution will have a meaningful influence on the company.

In the event you are interested in joining in an internship program, we would like to invite you to contact us through our email